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From MarketWatch:

Millennials are already thinking of retirement – but are they thinking about the right things?: There’s a lot to consider when planning for retirement, and the longer you have until that time, the more factors can change. 

SECURE 2.0 offers perks for the rich to make progress for the middle-class: The proposal is a win for some groups, but will it do much to help retirement security for all Americans

One in four Black and Latino older adults have experienced discrimination in healthcare: Discrimination in a health setting can have long-lasting effects on older patients and their wellbeing.

Also on MarketWatch:

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Retired at 40? What ballet dancers can teach the rest of us about retirement 

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Bond rout exposes Social Security’s insanity 

Here’s how inflation can impact your retirement strategy, especially Gen X

This is how much you made if you bought into the oil crash 2 years ago 

Is your home a safety hazard? Check for these common hidden dangers 

More in retirement news:

13 grocery stores with senior discounts (US News Money)

This type of senior is struggling to afford retirement (Yahoo Finance)

Cut your retirement spending now, says creator of the 4% rule (Wall Street Journal)

China is trying to change its problematic retirement age (Quartz)

Returning to work but close to retirement? Adjust your plan (Reuters)

Millennials save for retirement years earlier than boomers (

Research and Insight:

3 strategies to help you plan a successful semi-retirement (Kiplinger

Just 3 in 10 workers feel ‘very prepared’ for retirement (401K Specialist)

How clients achieve flexible spending in retirement (Journal of Accountancy)

Mental health crisis is an inequality problem (Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)

To share with your family, friends and clients:

Do you feel stuck in the pandemic while it seems like everyone else has moved on? 

Why you should retire with more money than you need 

I have a government job and a small pension. I’m planning to work a few more years. Should I file for Social Security now or wait? 

Financial Face-Off: When is the best time to claim Social Security retirement benefits – sooner or later?

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